Honda DreamsTV Intro Presentation
Begin the experience.

Honda DreamsTV provides the ultimate immersion experience unifying the customer’s online interaction with the Honda brand and their physical interaction with your dealership.


Honda DreamsTV provides the ultimate immersion experience unifying the customer’s online interaction with the Honda brand and their physical interaction with your dealership.



Options for every profit center enable you to tell your story alongside the rich story of Honda with every customer interaction.


Engaging Tier One advertising generates emotional attachment to your vehicles and shows customers accessories and other options to enhance their driving experience.

Service Menu Board

Display your product offerings and pricing in a compelling, transparent manner that establishes trust from the moment your customer enters the drive.

Lounge TV

Control your messaging and tell your and Honda’s unique stories to waiting customers while entertaining them with family-friendly content that eliminates competitor advertising and educates on your products and services.

Video Walls

The biggest stories are best told on a large canvas. Immerse your customers in Honda with a larger-than-life focal point that is sure to command attention.

Honda Live!™

Give your customer a story they will tell again and again. Utilize your Honda DreamsTV displays to uniquely celebrate their purchase. Integrated social media sharing makes it easy to tell their friends and followers all about their experience.

Content Management Portal

Honda DreamsTV gives you control of your messaging. An intuitive, user-friendly content management portal makes it easy to tell your story.



Just as you work hard to find the perfect car for your customer’s needs, Honda DreamsTV is built with all the right options to fit the unique requirements of your facility.

Entertainment Content

With shows from numerous content providers, you can be assured your customers will be entertained without repetition, making their wait times feel shorter and improving CSI scores.

Dealer Content Uploads

Displaying your Tier 3 content on your Honda DreamsTV system makes sure that the story and brand you have worked so hard to build remains top-of-mind while your customers are in your store.

Honda Curated Library

Honda’s history and heritage define us today and drive the future. Honda DreamsTV is designed to enable you to share our unique culture and build long-term relationships between the customer and the brand.

Subscription Levels

“Built-to-suit” packages of varying scope and cost ensure you get what you need to tell your dealership story and the Honda story.

Content Packages

Content packages build on each subscription level and include Honda curated content, major holidays, dealer-specific content, in-depth storytelling and infotainment to keep the customer engaged with Honda DreamsTV.

Package Descriptions

A full breakdown of what is included within each content package.
Benefits & Services

Benefits & Services

Honda DreamsTV looks great from the outside, but we know it’s what’s inside that makes it go.

Turnkey Installation

All you have to do is choose your content package and where you want the screens. Everything else, from sourcing equipment to hanging the TVs, will be handled for you.

DMS Integration

Seamless integration with your most important data sources enable you to personalize your customer’s experience and share the information that they need to know.

Client Support

Honda DreamsTV is monitored and supported 24/7/365 by an experienced, world-class staff that is as passionate about digital signage as you are about selling Hondas.

Regional Account Managers

Honda DreamsTV strives to be a partner in your success. Dedicated Regional Account Managers will be your partner and advocate ensuring that your staff is fully trained and that you are receiving the maximum benefit from your system.

In-House Production

We know that everybody’s story is different. Honda DreamsTV has a dedicated production staff with the talent and experience necessary to engage your customer and powerfully deliver your message.