Honda DreamsTV Intro Presentation

What is Honda DreamsTV?

Honda DreamsTV is a digital signage solution that was requested and inspired by Honda dealers who want to share our unique company, brand and product stories in their dealership. This new service provides content to help dealers display Honda’s brand message as well as their own stories and offerings.

Why is it important?

Reaching customers with the right messaging in the right place at the right time, Honda DreamsTV balances merchandising with Honda storytelling and allows dealerships to control messaging within their facility. Compelling and engaging digital signage creates loyalty by extending the customer’s relationship to the Honda brand, the dealership facility and associate team.

How does Honda DreamsTV work?

Honda DreamsTV is offered through a partnership with Automotive Broadcasting Network. The service comes with a monthly subscription fee ranging from about $499 to $1,499 a month and requires the acquisition of commercial grade equipment with associated set up fees.

How will it fit my facility?

Honda DreamsTV is agile and scalable to Honda dealerships of any size. Dedicated channels with tailored messaging include: showroom, service lounge, service drive, finance, parts, menu boards and video walls. Custom design and hardware configuration along with multiple content packages ensure that dealers receive the maximum impact to suit the needs of their business and facility.

Who is providing the service?

Automotive Broadcasting Network (ABN). Dealers who opt for Honda DreamsTV will enter into a service agreement directly with ABN.

Are there other Honda dealers currently using ABN?

There are approximately 66 Honda dealerships on the ABN platform.

Are there providers other than ABN for Honda DreamsTV?

Not at this time. ABN is currently AHM’s sole Honda DreamsTV provider. AHM conducted an extensive request for proposal process before selecting ABN. We spent many months looking at different options and wanted to bring dealers the best in reliability, support, flexibility and creativity.

Can my current digital signage service provider use the branded term Honda DreamsTV?

At this time, ABN is the sole partner authorized to use the Honda DreamsTV name. Should dealers already have an existing relationship with another digital signage provider, AdBuilder now has a digital signage menu where we are posting all the Honda assets, videos and storytelling elements. In this new digital signage category, we’ve uploaded our quarterly regional marketing playlist (the one currently mailed quarterly in DVD format). It’s all in there, bundled as a playlist for all Honda dealerships and their designated service provider to leverage.

What does this service cost and include?

Click here to view pricing matrix.

Are there set-up charges?

Please know ABN packages require a set-up charge, as noted in the pricing matrix below.

What hardware is required?

During initial consultation, ABN will work with existing TV systems and go over what might be required moving forward.

What areas does Honda DreamsTV operate in for my dealership?

During initial consultation, ABN will create a floor plan with ideal placement for all Digital Signage. Please contact us for more information.

What sort of content does Honda DreamsTV offer?

Depending on the desired package, ABN will be curating specialized content for each designated area. Please contact us for further consultation.

What are dealers saying about their experience with ABN?

In a May 2017 survey of Honda dealerships already on the ABN platform, 83% of dealers stated that ABN’s solution led to incremental sales in parts and service, 70% of dealers stated that it led to positive impact on Sales, and 100% of dealers would recommend ABN to another dealer. The areas where dealers find the most value from having ABN in their dealership are the following: Displaying a charitable awareness platform, bringing employee pride of affiliation and, increasing employee enthusiasm and effectiveness.

Can I see dealer testimonials?

Yes! You can visit our testimonial page to see what others are saying about their partnership with ABN.

What contract terms (months duration) does ABN offer?

ABN offers 12, 24 month, 36 month and 48 month options.

Why is Honda partnering with a digital signage company?

Honda is committed to finding innovative ways to connect with the Honda customer in partnership with Honda dealers. With digital signage, we can reach our customers and create a unique environment for each individual person that visits a Honda dealership.

I already invested in a digital signage solution and hardware. Can I switch to ABN?

Yes, as long as a dealership is utilizing commercial grade hardware. ABN conducts a complimentary consultation and will determine the best options for your facility moving forward. Please contact us to discuss these options.

Does Honda DreamsTV allow me to broadcast live sporting events?

Yes, with the TV Everywhere option which requires the Honda Live! feature.

I am an existing ABN customer. Will my service automatically reflect the new Honda DreamsTV content?

Yes. If you are a current ABN customer, your signage content will be enhanced with new Honda DreamsTV assets and additional Honda content that can be found on AdBuilder.

If dealers create their own content to play on their Honda DreamsTV system, does that content need to be AHM-compliant?

Yes, any content displayed through the Honda DreamsTV platform must meet AHM’s current compliance standards. For compliance questions, please contact Honda Compliance Headquarters at 888-414-3573.

Can I use my ad association funds to pay for Honda DreamsTV?

No, Honda DreamsTV is strictly a dealer expense and cannot be funded via an ad association.

Is Honda DreamsTV a Gen 3 Facility requirement?

No, Honda DreamsTV is an optional service; however, we recommend that dealers consider digital signage as part of a Gen 3 Facility upgrade or build.

Who do I contact for more information?

You can reach out to us using our contact form. This will alert both the Honda DSM and an ABN representative about the request for more information.